CA Subhashni Giridhar

Future plan
We have inherited this form of dance, Bharatanatyam, from our elders who despite facing social and family restrictions, have enriched this art form immensely. My little contribution would be to continue to dance all through my life and train as many dancers as possible who will carry on this legacy into the future generations.

I have set up a BharataNatyam Academy - "Suguna Nrityalaya" in the memory of my sister Smt Suguna, who had a vision to bring out my talent in BharataNatyam and make me a dance exponent. Though hailing from a middle class orthodox Iyengar family, my sister not only encouraged me to learn dance, but also to pursue it and give numerous solo dance performances. My main aim is to pass on this Art onto future generations. I intend to realize this aim through my dance academy; “Suguna Nrityalaya”, Hyderabad.

The money from this Academy would be forming the corpus of a Trust. The Trust money would be for imparting education to the unprivileged. This is because I believe that the value of education cannot be spread by words alone but also by our actions. There can be no substitute for Education.


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