CA Subhashni Giridhar


A Chartered Accountant with a passion for dance
The combination of both Art and professional qualification is a very rare thing. Blessed are those who pursue Art since Art cannot be learnt and practiced unless there is God’s Blessings.
The reason God made me to pursue my career and my passion (Bharath Natyam), both with the same zeal and enthusiasm was because God had chosen CA to fulfill the financial needs and Dance for my inner happiness – Bliss. The Supreme satisfaction of the inner self while performing dance is unexplainable.

The main reason that I have never made Dance a source of income after being a performer for more than 2 decades is that I have always considered BharatNatyam Dance as eternal and spiritual. When one could get so much of immense self satisfaction and pure happiness then what else one could ask for from Dance? Materialistic thing like money?

I have dedicated myself to Bharathnatyam, My little contribution would be to continue to dance all through my life and train as many dancers as possible who will carry on this legacy in to the future generations, without making it a commercial proposition.
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